A Brighter Future for New Mexico

Just before the election in 2016, the pundits said the Democrat’s progressive agenda of big government couldn’t be stopped and Americans should accept it.  But they forgot we are Americans: Proud, Strong and Free.  Many Americans were tired of the federal government intruding into their daily lives, and they wanted to stop the systematic stripping away of their God given rights.  And on Election Day, November 8, 2016, they made their voices heard by electing candidates who believe in America and in the Constitution.

Because of that vote, America has prospered.

  • The U.S. economy has greatly improved,
  • Federal taxes on individuals and businesses are lower,
  • Americans are becoming more self-reliant,
  • The Constitution is again the law of the land, and
  • Going, going, and soon to be gone are all federal regulations that stifle American businesses or infringe on our rights as American Citizens.

Just as America faced a crossroad in 2016, New Mexico faces a crossroad in 2018.  The future of New Mexico will be decided this November, and the decision is in your hands.  Many of the Republican candidates have been on the highways and byways of New Mexico discussing the issues with you, your friends, and your neighbors and here is what they’ve heard.

New Mexicans are:

  • Tired of being at the bottom of the good lists and at the top of the bad lists,
  • Tired of excuses when children and the elderly are not protected,
  • Tired of corruption and the selective enforcement of laws,
  • Tired of seeing the good paying jobs go to Texas and Arizona,
  • Tired of crime growing out of control, and
  • Tired of broken programs that do not adequately address the drug crisis.

Have you too had enough of the Democrat’s progressive agenda that promotes keeping New Mexicans poor, uneducated and reliant on government assistance; a progressive agenda that is more interested in promoting the globalist agenda than in helping New Mexicans?  Are you sick and tired of the Democrat’s progressive agenda that that has for years led New Mexico in the wrong direction?   If the answer is yes, now is the time to vote for candidates who believe in New Mexico; to vote for candidates who will ensure the needs and wants of New Mexicans are not ignored.  If you want a brighter future for New Mexico, now is the time to demand better ideas and better solutions!  Now is the time to support Republican candidates and to vote Republican!