A.G. Candidate Michael Hendricks Calls for Attorney General Balderas to Address Toulouse Oliver’s Unauthorized Change to Election Law and Process

Hendricks calls for current Attorney General Hector Balderas to seek an injunction to give time to investigate the legality of this straight-party voting addition to the November general election ballot.

ALBUQUERQUE: Wednesday, Michael Hendricks, candidate for attorney general, calls for General Balderas to seek an injunction to determine the legality of this change to election law and process. Specifically, whether or not the Secretary of State has the authority to implement this type of change to the ballot (1) of her own volition and power; and, (2) at this stage of the election cycle.


“I am not a proponent for or against straight-party voting being allowed on a ballot; however, the legislature specifically rescinded the authority of the Secretary of State to use this voting mechanism in 2001 when they repealed NMSA 1978 §1-9-4. We are a government of limited powers and as such, the only powers government has are provided in the authority of our constitution and legislative enactments based on constitutional authority. At minimum, an investigation should be undertaken and an injunction requested.”


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